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Success Stories

Mar 10, 2021 (email from a parent/guardian)
"Brandon has been amazing with Hannah.  She is always a bit nervous in the car on way to interview but when she gets with him she calms right down.  He’s amazing!!"
Feb 26, 2021 (email from a parent/guardian)
"We are so pleased on how well you keep us informed about Meagan’s case.  Very much appreciated and frankly, quite rare.  We are veterans in the special needs game and are blessed that we chose JUMP to manage Meagan’s employment services.  If this was Yelp- you guys get 5+ stars!"  "
September 18, 2015 ·(JUMP Facebook Post) 

"Thanks to you all, [name withheld] loves her new job!!! She is so excited everyday to get ready for work and go!! Brandon has done a great job with her, [name withheld] really likes him. Thank you all so much!!!!!! This is a happy mom because my child is so excited! She had called me everyday since she started telling me everything! It is awesome! Believe that I am so bragging on you all!!!!"


January 10, 2017 (Nexus Newsletter Feature)

Julia was referred to Jobs U Make Possible, LLC (aka JUMP) from Kansas Rehabilitation Services for Job Preparation Services and later for Customized Placement Services.
Julia had been unemployed since 2005 raising her daughter since relocating to Wichita from western Kansas. She had many years of work experience in western Kansas but limited in Wichita.


During Job Preparation Services we updated her resume, practiced interviews, provided her with tools to reduce her anxieties and increase her coping skills since she identified these as issues she had in the past. We also helped her research industry standards in child care, which was her job interest. Since
she had been out of the industry for so long, she needed to be aware of the current industry standards.


Julia spent about 3 months in Job Preparation Services and once we had accomplished all of our objectives we moved on to Customized Placement Services. During Customized Placement we helped her apply for jobs and connected her with employers who were in the childcare industry. Within a few months Julia had an opportunity to interview at with a child care
center where she was hired. She also works part time at Chuck E Cheese where she is a Character.


She enjoys working with children again. She recently received a raise, became Employee of the Month at Chuck E Cheese and has moved into her own apartment with her daughter.

We really enjoyed watching Julia prosper in her work goals and are so happy for her.


May 29,2019 (JUMP Facebook Post)

Introducing, Amenah, one of our ROCK STARS! She has great people skills, a wonderful work ethic and has taken on manufacturing with pride. In just over a month she went from being hired as a Quarter Back, then was promoted to Terminate Lead and now has been promoted yet again to Final Visual Lead. Every day with her is met with a smile. She has a positive outlook on herself, life and is just a joy to be around. Congratulations Amenah, you have made us proud!


Aug 30, 2019  Email from a parent

I just wanted to say how much we appreciate Brandon.  He has been great when I needed information.  We are really pleased with the job he helped Gregory find.  


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